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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

[sticky post]Random Pretty Dress Post
I <3 U
Because I think every journal should have a 'Pretty Dress' post. Here is mine.

Click For Pretty DressesCollapse )

I will be adding more dresses to this post. As I find them and they strike my fancy.

It'll be Like Wisteria Lane; Kicked up to Eleven
I <3 U
So I've gotten into 'The Walking Dead' and I'm devouring all the fic! It's so yummy-licious. And now I really want to write my own fic. It would be an AU. Our group of survivors all live in a small-ish community. It's called Walkerville, and it's just as dysfunctional as on the show. While Rick is off working and Carl is in school Lori is having a torrid lunch-break affair with Shane (who is a maintenance/repair man, and was best friends with Rick in HS but they had a falling out). And Andrea and Amy move in down the block from Dale, who tries to watch over them, but he's more like that annoying neighbor who's always in their business; but thinks he's just being a friendly neighbor type. Ed, Carol and Sophia live next to Merle and Daryl; but Merle's doing a stint for drug possession. So Daryl hears Ed and Carol fighting, and wants to save Carol (who he's grown fond of) and Sophia from that life. Andrea decides to start up an amateur porn studio/escort service and she recruits her sister, Maggie, and Michonne (who's a total Domme in all her movies/scenes) to work for her. Dale and Hershel try to get her shut down, but her business is too well known, and all above board.

They are always having trouble with rival community (Woodbury), whose insane leader (just calls himself The Governor) is always trying to take over Walkerville, with the help of crazy Dr. Jenner who's property kind of straddles both communities.

IDK it's all kind of a jumble in my head right now. And what I have written up there is all the details I have so far... But I want to write it/see it written so bad!

So Now I Have 'Hey, Jude' Running Through My Head...
I <3 U
I had a pretty great Mother's Day. We went to lunch with my in-Laws. I got a really pretty carnation as we were leaving the restaurant. Then I left it sitting on the dashboard when we got to the in-Laws house to visit for a while. I'm sad that the flower wilted; but I think it looks pretty cool. I took a picture of it with my phone, and futzed with the color and saturation, and whatnot just in whatever basic image viewing program comes with Windows. I'm gonna put the 'untouched' and 'retouched' pictures up, because I like them both.

Copy (2) of Sunburnt Carnation

Copy of Sunburnt Carnation

If anyone on my F-List is more icon savy than me (which I know like 99.9% of you are) I would love you forever if you could take the 'retouched' picture and make an icon of it; using the text 'Bold is Beautiful'.

I do hope all the Mother's on my F-List had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day!

Once Upon a Potty...
I <3 U
So Ryan (my youngest) has decided it's time to start potty training. I got Once Upon a Potty (for boys) on Amazon. They have a book, DVD, and a plushie (anatomically correct...) with a little potty chair. And I snapped this picture just a couple minutes ago, No worries, all the important bits are covered, he's actually sitting on the potty with a diaper on. But it's one step closer. My baby's growing up.

Copy of Potty Time

The One Time When Extra Isn't a Good Thing
I <3 U
Had an appointment with the Neuro Goddess for Dylan today. She got the results of the Chromosomal Micro array literally just before she walked into the exam room to see us. So she didn't have a lot (any) time to figure out what the info meant before she was telling me about it. It boils down to that Dylan has extra genetic material on the 10th chromosome. And variants in the 7th and 16th. I don't know what any of that actually means; because he doesn't display any of the signs of Split Hand Foot Malformation Syndrome (which is what extra genetic material on the 10th usually means). So she needs to look at the results a little more and she'll get back to us. But she's recommended that Hubby and I go for Genetic Testing and that we take Dylan to see a Geneticist at Hershey Medical Center... IDK though; that'd be 4 doctors for one little boy. That just seems excessive.

Advice, anyone?

It's Been a While. But I'm Still Here
I <3 U
Yeah, so my resolution to post every day (or there abouts) didn't pan out too well. Sorry about that. We are all still here. I'm so glad Spring decided to grace us with her presence; I'm more than ready to feel warm sunshine again.

All that being said I'm about to PicSpam with some (what I consider) Hot Ass Long Haired Actors (and musicians). I'll cut it, for those not thusly inclined.

HotAss LongHaired Men Thisaway.Collapse )

So, that's really all. Enjoy! I may edit some more guys into this. We'll see.

My 'Homework' for the week...
I <3 U
Saw my therapist today. And when I told her that I cry over happy/sappy love songs, and the 'Two Little Dolls' song from a Sesame Street DVD; She asked me why. What I said: 'I really am not sure.' What I thought of saying later: 'Isn't that what we are supposed to be figuring out here?'

What is the word that means: a reaction that happens that is the opposite/unexpected of what should have happened?

'Cause that's what she said is basically what's going on. So my 'homework' is basically to analyse whenever I have an inappropriate emotional reaction and try to figure out why I reacted that way.

Because I know that when someone tells me something happy that I'm supposed to be happy for them but I don't know why I laughed when Hubby was yelling about something.

Dinner and Dessert!
I rocked it out tonight! I'm really proud of my self for the dinner. I'm generally proud of anytime I cook something and don't burn the place down...
Cutting cause I'm not sure if the pics are huge or not it's just my dinner and dessertCollapse )

Now I Know Why They Call it Psycho-Babble
Doctor Starsky
So today happened. Dylan had to get blood drawn (for a Genetic Micro Array). I'm not really sure what the purpose of it is. But we did it. He troopered through one vial and we were getting our coats on, ready to leave the hospital when the tech tracked us down and was like 'We just talked to the ordering physician, they need another vial...' That didn't go as well as the first. But we got through it.

I had my first therapy appointment. I think I'm going to request a different therapist. The one I talked to today came across as very judgmental and that's not what I need at this point. I need someone who is going to listen with an unbiased ear and help me find the best way to overcome my problems. She doesn't seem like the right fit. Also I'm on a waiting list (three months long...) to talk to a psychiatrist to get meds. So hopefully the time will pass quickly and I'll start feeling better soon.

Spikes and Sharp Waves. Like WTF Does That Mean.
I <3 U
Dylan's neurologist read his results already (just had the EEG on Friday). It read abnormally. With 'Spikes and Sharp Waves'. Dr. recommended/suggested a medication called 'Levetiracetam' It's an epilepsy/anti-seizure medication. Dylan's 'seizures', such as they are, manifest as staring spells and a little bit of vertigo.

Has anyone on my F-List ever taken or known anyone who's taken this medication? Is it worth medicating when his seizures are so (seemingly) passive?

I would really appreciate Any advice y'all can give me. I'm swinging in the breeze, a bit here, and I don't really like it.