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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

Once Upon a Potty...
I <3 U
So Ryan (my youngest) has decided it's time to start potty training. I got Once Upon a Potty (for boys) on Amazon. They have a book, DVD, and a plushie (anatomically correct...) with a little potty chair. And I snapped this picture just a couple minutes ago, No worries, all the important bits are covered, he's actually sitting on the potty with a diaper on. But it's one step closer. My baby's growing up.

Copy of Potty Time

[sticky post]Random Pretty Dress Post
I <3 U
Because I think every journal should have a 'Pretty Dress' post. Here is mine.

Click For Pretty DressesCollapse )

I will be adding more dresses to this post. As I find them and they strike my fancy.