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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

So Now I Have 'Hey, Jude' Running Through My Head...
I <3 U
I had a pretty great Mother's Day. We went to lunch with my in-Laws. I got a really pretty carnation as we were leaving the restaurant. Then I left it sitting on the dashboard when we got to the in-Laws house to visit for a while. I'm sad that the flower wilted; but I think it looks pretty cool. I took a picture of it with my phone, and futzed with the color and saturation, and whatnot just in whatever basic image viewing program comes with Windows. I'm gonna put the 'untouched' and 'retouched' pictures up, because I like them both.

Copy (2) of Sunburnt Carnation

Copy of Sunburnt Carnation

If anyone on my F-List is more icon savy than me (which I know like 99.9% of you are) I would love you forever if you could take the 'retouched' picture and make an icon of it; using the text 'Bold is Beautiful'.

I do hope all the Mother's on my F-List had a wonderful, relaxing Mother's Day!