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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

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Now I Know Why They Call it Psycho-Babble
Doctor Starsky
So today happened. Dylan had to get blood drawn (for a Genetic Micro Array). I'm not really sure what the purpose of it is. But we did it. He troopered through one vial and we were getting our coats on, ready to leave the hospital when the tech tracked us down and was like 'We just talked to the ordering physician, they need another vial...' That didn't go as well as the first. But we got through it.

I had my first therapy appointment. I think I'm going to request a different therapist. The one I talked to today came across as very judgmental and that's not what I need at this point. I need someone who is going to listen with an unbiased ear and help me find the best way to overcome my problems. She doesn't seem like the right fit. Also I'm on a waiting list (three months long...) to talk to a psychiatrist to get meds. So hopefully the time will pass quickly and I'll start feeling better soon.

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Sounds like a VERY frustrating day. Microassays generally are to pinpoint what genes are involved in a child's syndrome/condition. That will help the diagnosing doctor as well as the neurologist decide what is best for Dylan. I can't tell you how many times I have drawn blood from a baby and had the doctor or lab tell me they now want more or twice as much.

Yes, definitely request a psychologist you feel comfortable with! That's so important.


Thanks for the info, and hug. I know I should have, and probably did, ask the neurologist what the Microarray was for. But it's slipped my mind. I kind of figured it was so that they can have all their ducks in a row as it were; get a better idea of what, exactly, is going on. He was so good for the first one. But when he realised we were going back to the same room again he got agitated, and started crying. Which set me off.

I will definitely be looking for a different therapist. S/he is the last person I need/want judgment from. We'll see how it goes.

Not so much frustrating, as disheartening; I think.

I hate blood draws DX so much owwie!!

Yeah, definitely get a new therapist! Trust is paramount in therapy. Also, having to have two doctors is totally on my list of reasons why phsychologists should be entitled to prescribing powers. Less of a disconnect if your therapist can prescribe, and less problems with prescribing the wrong thing when just a general MD with a clinical rotation in psychiatry during residency (which is pretty much what what a psychiatrist is) and not a background in clinical psychology and/or psychotherapy.

Yeah. But he got over it pretty quick, so that's one saving grace.

I know I second-guess myself a lot. So to have Karen, You, Dawn, and my husband all agree that this therapist probably isn't the right one for me makes me feel better. I was worried that I was over reacting. I agree that 'stream lining' the process and possibly taking out one of the 'middle men' would speed things up a bit. But I like the idea of the 'double check' that is involved when you have both overseeing.

Definitely you weren't overreacting. It's hard to talk about things like this when you aren't fully comfortable with your therapists.

My thing with MDs giving out drugs is more about the level of training psychotherapists have versus MDs. They're more likely to fully understand what's going on by talking it out with their patient and thus would have a better idea of the proper medication, if any. And having multiple doctors for the same condition invites mistakes, unfortunately. But it's definitely good for you to get in with the therapist first, if you have to be stuck on a waiting list for a few months for one of them.

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