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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

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It's Been a While. But I'm Still Here
I <3 U
Yeah, so my resolution to post every day (or there abouts) didn't pan out too well. Sorry about that. We are all still here. I'm so glad Spring decided to grace us with her presence; I'm more than ready to feel warm sunshine again.

All that being said I'm about to PicSpam with some (what I consider) Hot Ass Long Haired Actors (and musicians). I'll cut it, for those not thusly inclined.

WillT Bonus JackS
Adam Pascal Rent
Chris Kane
Jared VegasCon
jason momoa hair
Johnny Depp hair
LoLam Hair
Mick Hair
HotAss LongHaired Men

So, that's really all. Enjoy! I may edit some more guys into this. We'll see.

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Hi my name is queen_insane and i like this post A+

glad you approve. I have a thing for long, wavy hair apparently. IDK where it comes from either, but I hope it never goes away.

So true reason you can't post is hot guys! With hair!

Viggo <3 Still need to satisfy that urge to watch all the LOTR movies again.

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