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Musings of a Fan-Girl

Pity for the Dying, Pride for the Damned

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It'll be Like Wisteria Lane; Kicked up to Eleven
I <3 U
So I've gotten into 'The Walking Dead' and I'm devouring all the fic! It's so yummy-licious. And now I really want to write my own fic. It would be an AU. Our group of survivors all live in a small-ish community. It's called Walkerville, and it's just as dysfunctional as on the show. While Rick is off working and Carl is in school Lori is having a torrid lunch-break affair with Shane (who is a maintenance/repair man, and was best friends with Rick in HS but they had a falling out). And Andrea and Amy move in down the block from Dale, who tries to watch over them, but he's more like that annoying neighbor who's always in their business; but thinks he's just being a friendly neighbor type. Ed, Carol and Sophia live next to Merle and Daryl; but Merle's doing a stint for drug possession. So Daryl hears Ed and Carol fighting, and wants to save Carol (who he's grown fond of) and Sophia from that life. Andrea decides to start up an amateur porn studio/escort service and she recruits her sister, Maggie, and Michonne (who's a total Domme in all her movies/scenes) to work for her. Dale and Hershel try to get her shut down, but her business is too well known, and all above board.

They are always having trouble with rival community (Woodbury), whose insane leader (just calls himself The Governor) is always trying to take over Walkerville, with the help of crazy Dr. Jenner who's property kind of straddles both communities.

IDK it's all kind of a jumble in my head right now. And what I have written up there is all the details I have so far... But I want to write it/see it written so bad!